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How do students get help during the week? 

An assistant will be available M - F from 430pm - 830pm EST.

Students have the option to send a message via the  Schoology app or send us an email with questions. Some days we will open a GoToMeeting where students can share their screens or see the assistant screen.

What is needed for courses?

Laptop/desktop with Internet access and administrator rights.  Our Internet Engineering class will require extra software that we will provided.

What will students gain from our courses?

A certificate of completion, guidance on finding a career path & post graduation plans, along with a firm understanding of IT & Internet engineering.  We advise students to use our academy for leverage when applying for internships, college & entry level positions after graduation. 

Age/Grade requirements?

IT Foundations:
9-12 grade. No Prerequisite 

Internet Engineering:

10-12 grade. Completion of IT Foundations

Cyber Security:

10 - 12 grade. Completion of IT Foundations & Internet Engineering.

What if a student has already taken a IT course?

If a student has taken a foundation IT course in school, please provide the transcript by sending it to Once confirmed, student will be able to sign up for our Internet Engineering Course. 

Will my teen get high school credits for completing our courses?

Currently No, but we encourage teachers to give students extra credit for work completed.  If your teen is currently in a IT class or will be in the near future please put that on the application and we will reach out to the teacher. Additionally, if we were to use the state standards we would not be able to give our students the latest technology training.  Our curriculum is based off of the latest industry standards.  Our goal is to give students training that will be beneficial to their placement in the job market.

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