IT4Teens Academy

Internet & Security Technology Training

For High School Students.

Our Mission

  IT4Teens Academy is committed to providing the tools needed to be successful in the IT industry.  We know high schoolers have a tremendous amount of questions about computers, the Internet and how it all works. 

  We intend to answer as many questions within our 3 courses. This should gives students a road map & competitive edge in the IT industry. We believe in our courses so much that we offer the 1st two weeks FREE of charge with no commitment!

1st Course

IT Foundations

 Students learn the basics of how the Internet works while touching on an array of industry technologies. 1 - 2 hours weekly to complete course work.  Students can use desktop, laptop or mobile phone to complete work. 

Once accepted students will receive Schoology activation code.

This course is self paced.

Key Topics: How the Internet works, Internet Hardware, Computer Hardware & Software, Domain Names, Basic security principles & IT career paths.

Who Should Apply?

9 - 12th Graders who have not taken a basic or advanced IT course.

Careers Covered:

  • Network Admin

  • System Admin

  • Data Center Tech

  • Wireless & Voice Engineer

  • Software Developer

  • Security Analyst

Cost: $25/Weekly

Duration: 9 Weeks

1st two weeks are free with no commitment.

Justin T, 
Parkview High School

"I learned how the Internet functions and connects to everything. I also learned how a computer works, from data storage to information processes. It honestly opened up a world that I loved but didn't know in detail about.

John D.
Hillside High School

"I never realized how much work was put into network engineering as I sat behind a PC, not realizing there was so much going on behind me." 

Jordan A.
Arabia Mountain High

"I learned so much during this course! I never knew about BIOs or the different category of cables. I learned so much about the internal components of a computer and what they do and how they work. I never knew this until I took this course." 

2020 Summer Schedule

Registration April 10 - June 29th

Course will begin July 11

All courses are self-paced. 

Assistance is available Monday - Saturday 

4:30pm - 8:30pm EST 

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